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We are a team of students at Jean de la Mennais, a high school near Montreal. We are motivated to build the best carbon removal solution possible. We have access to a decent amount of tools from our high school, that is supporting us in our endeavor. Our group consists of two students who have done multiple engineering projects together and a teacher, who used to work at the University of Montreal, and has a PhD from this university. Meet our members below.

Team Mentor





Pierre-Luc Boulay

"Over the past 16 years, as principal investigator, I have conceptualized and conducted a number of research projects associated with breast cancer disease in collaboration with several internationally well-known scientists. I published my research findings in notorious scientific journals such as PNAS, Oncogene, JBC, as well as in Cancer research."

Samuel Dupont

"I am a student as well as a passionate lover of creating, testing and building things. I love developping my designing skills, putting myself to work, and pushing my limits to get to new horizons. I am also very curious; I want to know how we can fix this big issue and I am willing to fail and fail again to arrive at compelling results."

Ryan P-M

"I am a student who cares deeply about innovation and technology. I want to build systems that can impact people’s lives in positive ways. I am fully committed to solving this problem. The team and I won’t give up and will continue to go against all odds to get there."

Research and Development
Outside Help

Lead Scientist


"Growing up, I always wanted to make a positive impact on my community by solving important issues with innovative solutions. I want to use my technical knowledge to make a difference and help others. In order to achieve our endeavour, I will relentlessly strive for progress, and I won’t stop until we achieve our goal."   

Edouard Dupont

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